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About Us

Company Profile

Magma Engineering was founded in 2004 to provide a solution in electronic components for the Israeli market.

We supply a wide range of electronic components and assembly services, including testers and production services, to leading companies in Israel.

We offer a high technical knowledge level, which allows for reduced costs and provides short delivery times: personal attitude and uncompromising quality.

Our Technical Strength

Systems Development

Magma Engineering specializes in turnkey projects based on hardware\software and (embedded and real-time) software from concept to product.

Our company has proven experience in embedded systems solutions based on a mixed platform of DSPs, FPGA, and various CPUs such as the Power Quick family (Power Quick 1,2,3 families). The company also has experience in products involving design, communication, telephony, video, audio, PCI boards, high-speed platforms (such as ATCA switches and line cards), and EMI/RFI standardization support. Magma is an authorized third party of TI & Free scale and is one of the first companies in Israel to become an authorized company alliance of Wind River.
We have done projects using components from leading manufacturers such as ALTERA/XILINX, Texas Instruments DSPs, Analog Devices DSPs, Motorola/Free-scale CPUs, and STM Micro-controllers.

Our Solutions

  • Project management from concept to production (full Turn-Key)

  • HW purchasing services

  • Preparation of engineering files

  • Support for an existing product

  • Escort EMI/RFI progress

  • Engineering support and Consulting

  • Cost reduction for existing products

Activity Areas

  • Project Management

  • Hardware design

  • Software design

  • FPGA Design

  • Engineering Files

  • Existing Project Support

  • EMI/RFI Support

  • Cost Reduction

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